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I love making soap. Not only is it enjoyable to do but I love the finished product. Often I have found commercial brands of soap drying to the skin. It wasn't until I learned about the soap making process that I discovered why that was.

During the process of saponification (mixing sodium hydroxide with oils to create salt aka. soap) the natural by-product of the chemical reaction is glycerin. Glycerin is the ingredient that attracts moisture and helps keep your skin feeling silky smooth. In order for the soap companies to make those gorgeous, hard shiny bars of soap, they have to remove the naturally occurring glycerin so that it won't stick to the rollers that roll out the soap flakes. They then sell off the glycerin to cosmetic companies. You end up with a bar of soap that is lovely and lathers well but doesn't have the main ingredient that makes your skin feel soft. Natural soaps like the ones we make are softer, lather beautifully and leave your skin clean and feeling soft. Even people with sensitive skin have been amazed by how gentle this soap is.

For those who cannot tolerate fragrance of any kind, I even have unscented goat's milk soap just for you! I strive to create soaps that not only smell divine but have an easily identifiable ingredient list. Although I often allow the essential oils or fragrances to naturally colour my soaps, when I do use colour, I use cosmetic grade pigments which are a natural colourant for soap as opposed to dyes. But don't take my word for it , try one and see for yourself.

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